Nightclub balustrade with glass panelling.

Stainless steel balustrade and glass panelling for a Sheffield nightclub.

Anchor Manufacturing LTD specialise in the supply and fitting of quality balustrade, including Sheffield stainless steel metal balustrade & Glass Balustrade. Our typical package includes site surveying, manufacturing and a complete fitting service. You may be looking for a stylish steel/glass balustrade for a restaurant or nightclub or, perhaps a simple handrail system for an office building. Whatever your vision, Anchor Manufacturing can help make it a reality.

Balustrade in sheffield stainless steel.Sheffield steel balustrade with wood panels.Nightclub steel and glass balustrade handrails.Factory hand railing and steel mezzanine floor.Industrial balustrade fabricated for a factory.Factory balustrade and a steel platform floor.Factory balustrade and mezzanine floor in steel.Factory bottle cap hopper in Sheffield stainless steel.Steel handrail for a Chesterfield Hospital.A fire escape in Sheffield stainless steel.

All Anchor Manufacturing balustrade and handrails are built to requirement, offering robust, durable and versatile properties in a wide variety of applications. Our balustrade work seamlessly with other materials such as Sheffield stainless steel sheets and glass infill panels.