Bespoke Catering Hot Cupboard with Heated Gantry

Long crafted bespoke hot cupboard

A fully bespoke catering hot cupboard delivered to a Welsh Hotel.

This massive catering hot cupboard was designed to fit the exacting needs of a successful hotel kitchen in Aberdare, Mid Glamorgan, Wales. Fabricated from catering grade Sheffield stainless steel, the owner asked for something on an unusual scale compared to what we usually manufacture. At an impressive 3.8 metres long, this hot cupboard features integrated two tier heated gantries, two ambient cupboards to either side and a pass through hot cupboard to allow people to work from both sides. We also designed a system to isolate the ambient cupboards on each end to prevent heat transfer, allowing a great amount of flexibility in dishes served. The whole project was CAD designed with consultation from the client at every stage. The unit is powered using a special 32 AMP supply.

We also supplied a large double bowl sink unit, an additional two bespoke heated gantries (to fit onto existing tables) and a special 4m table with a three tier ambient heated gantry and a fridge void underneath.

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Kitchen package delivered to Wales. 3.8m Catering Hot Cupboard Isolated hot cupboards Large Catering Hot Cupboard Hot Cupboard Worksurface Welsh Hot Cupboard for delivery Hot Cupboard integrated heated gantry Illuminated Hot Cupboard Gantry Long crafted bespoke hot cupboard Hot Cupboard Dial detail 3800mm Hot cupboard design Large Hot Cupboard Wrapped