Bespoke Turkish Kitchen Canopy Design

Turkish Kitchen Canopy Design

Unique Circular Turkish Kitchen Canopy Design.

At Anchor Manufacturing LTD we love a challenge. Here is our latest piece of #fabrication, where design and function harmonizes into a unique functional kitchen product. Presenting a #bespoke stainless steel kitchen #canopy extraction hood in a bold semi circular design.This kitchen canopy now features in a new Turkish restaurant in London, taking the center spot in a 300 seater restaurant, a specialist in Turkish kebabs. Measuring 2.2 meters in length, 1 meter deep and 0.5 meters tall, it is a fully welded construction with each end panel fully welded, sanded and polished to perfection. Looking for custom made, not machine made? drop Anchor Manufacturing LTD a call!

Semi-circle-kitchen-canopy-design Semi-circle-kitchen-canopy-design Semi-circle-kitchen-canopy-design Semi-circle-kitchen-canopy-design-sheffield bespoke-kitchen-canopy-design unique-Semi-circle-kitchen-canopy-design custom-circle-kitchen-canopy-design hooded-kitchen-canopy-design


custom-circle-kitchen-canopy-design hooded-kitchen-canopy-design unique-Semi-circle-kitchen-canopy-design bespoke-kitchen-canopy-design Semi-circle-kitchen-canopy-design-sheffield Semi-circle-kitchen-canopy-design Semi-circle-kitchen-canopy-design Semi-circle-kitchen-canopy-design Turkish Kitchen Canopy Design