Cannon Hall Farm: Custom Dishwashing Tables

Clean table roller section corner

A custom made ‘Clean Table’ with stainless steel rollers for dishwashing ease.

Anchor Manufacturing LTD continues the Cannon Hall Farm project by fabricating a unique set of kitchen furniture. In this example, we start by fabricating the separate sections and then welding the steel sink and steel table units together which are held in place with clamps. The ‘Clean Table’ unit is a separate special commissioned piece of kitchen furniture designed to automate the pot washing process by enabling a quick turnaround of dishes. It incorporates Stainless Steel rollers and basket racks underneath to store cutlery, pots and separate sections to house detergents and cleaning products. The separate stainless steel ‘Dirties’ table incorporates 3 seamless drop holes to scrape waste food into, to be collected underneath by rubbish bins and the sink units incorporate an integrated splashback plate.

Dishwasher Table fabrication Clamps ensure secure welding Steel table welding Seperate fabrications become one Steel sink grinding & polishing Clamps for the welding process Dishwashing table with scrap holes Dishwashing table with scrap holes. Seamless steel table corner Dish washing table with rubbish holes. Dishwashing Table Corner of a dishwashing table Double Sink Unit in steel. Double steel sink with splashback Stainless Steel Plug Hole Detail Clean table with rollers installed. Stainless Sheffield Steel roller system Detailed stainless steel roller system  Detailed stainless steel roller system Stainless steel clean table with roller system Clean table with rollers Kitchen dishwashing table Steel clean table with rollers.



Double Sink Unit in steel. Double steel sink with splashback Stainless Steel Plug Hole Detail Dish washing table with rubbish holes. Dishwashing Table Dishwashing table with scrap holes. Dishwashing table with scrap holes Seamless steel table corner Stainless Sheffield Steel roller system Detailed stainless steel roller system Detailed stainless steel roller system Stainless steel clean table with roller system Clean table roller section corner Corner of a dishwashing table Sheffield Stainless Steel table. Kitchen dishwashing table Clean table with rollers Steel clean table with rollers. Clamps for the welding process Clamps ensure secure welding Steel table welding Seperate fabrications become one Steel sink grinding & polishing Dishwasher Table fabrication Clean table with rollers installed.