Catering Trailer

Mobile kitchen trailer unit.

A fabricated stainless steel food trailer with integrated mobile kitchen.

Anchor Manufacturing LTD also offers a catering trailer fitting service. We fabricate catering trailers and mobile kitchen kiosk units tailored around your mobile food business. Designed to be towed: catering trailers and kitchen kiosks are perfect for serving fast food at large organised events. Below is a recent example of a kebab grill trailer fabrication we modified by installing a kitchen extraction system and kitchen canopy in stainless steel. This mobile catering company is based in Rotherham, South Yorkshire.

Catering trailer kitchen canopy.Catering trailer kitchen canopy underside.The final kitchen canopy hood for the catering trailer.A section of the catering trailer removed.The catering trailer kitchen canopy hood.Steel catering trailer kitchen chimney.Catering trailer kitchen canopy chimney.The completed catering trailer towed away.The kitchen trailer awaits collection.Anchor Manufacturing LTD mobile kitchen.

With this example, we added a custom made stainless steel kitchen canopy and air extraction system for the main kebab grill. We completed the trailer kitchen project by installing a welded polished stainless steel chimney and hood.  Anchor Manufacturing LTD also produce burger vans and catering vans. Click here for details.