Hot Cupboard

Catering hot cupboard.

Catering hot cupboard with heated gantry on top.

Anchor Manufacturing LTD offer great prices on Sheffield stainless steel catering hot cupboards made from a stainless steel frame and brushed steel finish. We have supplied catering hot cupboards to Sheffield, Rotherham, Barnsley and Doncaster for over a decade. Our steel hot cupboards feature double skinned steel doors and  have the option of being seated on heavy-duty swivel casters, enabling easy manoeuvrability in restricted kitchen spaces. The steel doors of each unit can be easily detached for cleaning and are fitted with robust  steel door handles. Thermostat devices are installed in each hot cupboard ensuring accurate temperature regulation within every unit. Sheffield steel hot cupboards are designed to work seamlessly with integrated bain-maries and heated gantries, allowing your commercial kitchen to work to peak efficiency.

Hot cupboard steel door handle.Hot cupboard thermostat control.Hot cupboard perforated shelf.Hot cupboard heating element.Hot cupboard steel welding detail.Hot cupboard worktop welded and polished.Hot cupboard thermostat control with switches.Hot cupboard made from Sheffield steel.Hot cupboard with bain-marie.Hot cupboard underside example.Hot cupboard and heated gantry combination.Hot cupboard detachable slide doors.Hot cupboard with 3 drawers.Hot cupboard with three open drawers.Hot cupboard fabrication process.Hot cupboard pass through.Hot cupboard with pass through and heated gantry.Hot cupboard with triple bain-marie.Attaching the hot cupboard doors.

Each hot cupboard unit has the option for bain-marie and heated gantry inclusion, enabling efficient insulation and heat retention. Our hot cupboards are custom designed to accommodate serving dishes, hot plates and even poppadom’s as standard. Our stainless steel hot cupboards also have pass through options and can have sliding doors installed on both the front and back. All heating elements are protected against any spilt food and each steel hot cupboard unit is fitted with a 2 metre cable (240V U.K standard power supply) and will operate up to a maximum temperature of 80 degrees Celsius. Each unit is bespoke crafted to the customers needs, but usually hot cupboard units are typically 700 mm deep and from 900mm to 2400mm wide. Contact us for prices.