Input Air System

Outside view input air box.

A factory made input air ventilation unit.

Using an input air system for kitchen ventilation,’used’ air is extracted from the kitchen area and simultaneous fresh replacement air is drawn from the outside kitchen input point. Fresh air input is essential for your kitchen ventilation to run safely and can be easily delivered via your kitchen canopy. Our perforated stainless steel panels or deflection grills can be can be utilised when distributing the replacement air back into the kitchen environment. Anchor Manufacturing LTD supply and fit these panels as part of our kitchen installation projects. This example was installed as part of the air extraction and ventilation project for the a private hospital in Sheffield.

Steel air input box fabrication.Air input box frame in steel.Air input ventilation box.Air input ventilation box frame.Air input system components.Input air housing Helios fan integration.Air input system with filter.Helios fan system closeup.Sheffield air ventilation unit.