Steel Kitchen Sink

Double kitchen sink fabrication.

A double kitchen sink unit approaches completion.

Anchor Manufacturing LTD  fabricate stainless steel sinks and basins for kitchens across Sheffield, Rotherham, Barnsley and Doncaster. Our kitchen sinks and wash basins are fabricated from the highest quality Sheffield stainless steel, which delivers durability, design aesthetics and hygiene functions. Designed to be tough, practical and resilient, they prove to be the obvious choice for professionals across South Yorkshire the United Kingdom. Our designs include double bowl Sheffield stainless steel sinks with right/left hand drainer units,supplied with an integrated stand and shelf. Here are a few examples:

Stainless steel sink fabrication.Kitchen sink cutting.Stainless steel sink welding.Stainless steel sink frame welding.Steel cutting sink bowl.Kitchen sink fabrication welding.Kitchen sinking welding.Kitchen sink clamps for welding.Small wash basin unit.Wall bench kitchen sink.A closer look at our kitchen sinks.A look inside the kitchen sink.Kitchen sink wall bench with chopping board.Kitchen sink with integrated chopping board.Fabricated triple sink unit.triple kitchen sink unit.Bespoke kitchen sink in steel.A completed kitchen sink.Restaurant kitchen sink installed.Restaurant kitchen sink and pullout spout tap.Example kitchen sink units.Stainless steel kitchen sink example.

Due to the special metallic properties of stainless steel sinks, they withstand extreme temperatures: both hot and cold. They will not rust, fade, stain or shatter. Sheffield stainless steel sinks, by their very nature, are extremely hygienic and their design facilitates food and mess being wiped away quickly and easily. Sheffield stainless steel sinks also soften the impact of dropped crockery and glass – yet another desirable feature that makes Sheffield stainless steel the material of choice. Our kitchen sinks are often integrated with wall benches and wall cladding to give a professional kitchen finish.