Mortuary Table

Mortuary table in Sheffield stainless steel.

A perforated morgue table fabricated from Sheffield stainless steel.

We specialise in be-spoke stainless steel items such as steel mortuary tables, steel autopsy tables, steel mortuary equipment and steel body washing tables. We have served the Sheffield medico legal centre in providing mortuary tables that are fabricated from Sheffield stainless steel to ensure the utmost in hygiene and durability. The welded finish is polished to perfection and compliments the table as a functional and essential piece of mortuary equipment. These examples are from a Sheffield NHS fabrication contract.

Stainless steel morgue table.Mortuary table fabricated from Sheffield stainless steel.

Our tables have a perforated work space assisting  down draught ventilation and carbon filtration systems. Each has a sink, and are fabricated from hygienic Sheffield stainless steel.