Bakery display units in stainless steel.

Food basket steel display unit.

The finished steel shop display unit.

Anchor Manufacturing LTD fabricate a set of Sheffield stainless steel illuminated display units on behalf of The Proper Pasty Company in Sheffield. These bakery display units house weaved baskets to display assorted bakery products. Note that all the bakery display unit electronics and wiring are integrated inside the structure to add aesthetic value to the display. The Proper Pasty Company is a national bakery providing shops across Sheffield, Rotherham, Barnsley and the U.K. The basket display is a new addition to our catering product range and will feature as part of our shop fitting section in the very near future.

Fabricated food basket display unit.Fabricated food basket illuminated display.The illuminated food basket display unit.The final shop display unit is shrink wrapped.



The final shop display unit is shrink wrapped. Food basket steel display unit. The illuminated food basket display unit. Fabricated food basket illuminated display. Fabricated food basket display unit.