Stainless Steel Bain-Marie Units

Sheffield Stainless steel Bain Marie

Anchor Manufacturing LTD fabricates catering Bain-Marie units in premium grade Sheffield stainless steel. We supply kitchens and restaurants across Sheffield, Rotherham, Barnsley and Doncaster with these compact and efficient food serving devices. 

Essentially a bain-marie is water bath designed to gradually cook food or to keep it warm. A new alternative to the traditional ‘wet’, liquid-filled bain-marie is the electric ‘dry-heat’ bain-marie, heated by elements below each metal pot. The dry-heat form of electric bains-marie often consumes less power and requires little cleaning. The dry bain-marie systems also conduct heat more quickly than the traditional water bath versions and can also operate at higher temperatures.

 Our Sheffield stainless steel bain-marie units are often integrated into hot cupboard units and benefit from the heat convection inside the hot cupboard , reducing power consumption and increasing kitchen efficiency.