Large Bespoke Stainless Steel Dish Washers

Stainless Steel custom built dishwasher

Anchor Manufacturing LTD fabricate commercial kitchen dishwashers custom made to order. Each unit is fabricated from Sheffield stainless steel and ideal for pub and restaurant kitchens where time, cleanliness and hygiene are paramount. Each device is welded and polished accordingly to ensure a hygienic enclosure. Our dishwashers are fashioned with efficiency and cleanliness in mind, making pot washing simple and automated, allowing staff to perform other kitchen tasks. As with all Anchor Manufacturing products, the commercial dishwasher works as an integrated unit that fits seamlessly into your professional kitchen environment. Below is an integrated dishwasher: custom built for a bistro pub kitchen in Barnsley, South Yorkshire.

These dishwasher appliances feature: A multiple pot stacking system, a wash basin with optional chopping board attachment and a space saving drop down enclosure. Call today for a free quotation on 01142 420444.