Bespoke Kitchen Oven

Bespoke kitchen oven and extraction system

This particular kitchen oven example was built in a Sikh temple kitchen on Warren Street near Attercliffe Road in Sheffield. This project features a Chapati oven and heavy duty multi burner hob. It is installed as part of a complete kitchen package and features a integrated kitchen air extraction system with a large kitchen canopy hood. Featuring a bespoke built chapati oven, multi-burner and hob oven, bespoke lowered sinks, magnetic waste disposal systems, gantry pass through’s, stainless steel wall cladding, and a unique kitchen safety extraction system. This was an ambitious and challenging project that created a perfect kitchen and cooking environment.

Our kitchen ovens are constructed from high grade Sheffield Stainless Steel, cast iron metal and aluminum. Each bespoke kitchen oven is fabricated to your specifications and manufactured to any kitchen scale and requirement. All bespoke kitchen ovens are built with safety in mind and feature modern safety systems and contemporary designs.