Kitchen Air Extraction Equipment

External air ventilation ducting with silencer unit

Anchor Manufacturing LTD fabricate and install air extraction systems and ducting. The extract ventilation system must deal with cooking smells, fumes and steam produced by cooking and be must be designed to prevent or minimise any nuisance caused to neighbours. A kitchen canopy is a legal requirement, which will extend beyond the installed cooking equipment area by at least 225mm. These must be provided to collect the cooking fumes and direct them into the duct-work. Certain types of cooking legally require carbon filtration and pre filters. Metal kitchen canopies are best constructed of stainless steel. Grease filters must be installed into the cooker hood canopy and should be easily removable for regular cleaning before they become clogged.

We use circular ducting in galvanised steel to maximise air flow rate. A Helios fan is positioned within the duct-work to pull cooking fumes from the cooker hood (kitchen canopy) to the point of discharge outside the building. Our air extraction systems integrate seamlessly with our range of kitchen canopies and each solution is custom made to requirement. Sufficient kitchen extraction is now a legal requirement and adequate ducting is an essential part to ventilating your commercial kitchen, whilst maintaining a clean and safe cooking environment. Call our office today to discuss what air extraction solution would best suit your business. You can find more information about the the control of odour and noise from commercial kitchen exhaust systems by contacting us.