Kitchen Air Extraction Filter Box

Stainless steel housed triple air filter

Our stainless steel air extraction filters are a radical new concept in the catering and air extraction industry, replacing standard plastic air extraction housing for our steel kitchen canopy filtration systems.  For use in ducted fume kitchen environments, The filter housing box is fabricated in our Sheffield factory, utilising catering grade stainless steel. Each air filtration unit has two detachable sides to add and replace air filters (including carbon filters) when necessary. Utilising a standard template, customers can often purchase their own air filters including carbon air filters for their specific kitchen environment.

Please note that Carbon filters are required, essential kitchen equipment when cooking with fried foods and foods with strong odours. Carbon filters should be fitted in the duct-work after the grease filters and before the fan. These should be easily accessible for cleaning. The carbon filter should include pre-filters, as this ensures that no grease enters the carbon filtration system.

We recommend stainless steel filtration box systems for the following reasons:

1) Prevention of discoloration
2) Prevention of warping
3) Extreme heat tolerance
3) Durable and long lasting
4) Long term hygiene vs plastic