Stainless Steel Heated Gantry

Kitchen Heated Gantry Sheffield Fabrication

Anchor Manufacturing LTD fabricate heated gantries in premium grade Sheffield stainless steel. Supplied to restaurants and kitchens across Sheffield, Rotherham, Barnsley and Doncaster, our heated gantry devices are available in single tier, double tier or triple rack fabrications, our heated gantries feature quartz halogen heat lamps as standard. Each hot gantry (in Sheffield stainless steel)  includes thermostatic controls which allows the base heat to be adjusted to the type of food being served. A heated gantry serves as both a functioning catering device as well as creating an visual presentation tool for food dishes. Designed with manual control switches, The gantry lamps can easily be replaced as needed and use standard size bulbs readily available from local stockists.

Each heated gantry unit seamlessly integrates with our hot cupboards, bain-marie’s and kitchen equipment. We offer multiple products as discounted packages at factory prices. To see how Anchor Manufacturing can assist your business directly and cut out the middle person. Contact Anchor Manufacturing LTD today.